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So you’re the new major? Not a moment too soon! The situation was going to go wrong. As you know you are in charge of the outpost which is located in front of the land of the Demon King. Our scouts have noticed a big army, which is heading towards us. It’s true that everyone will not survive, you will have to make some choices


Move Camera: wasd / arrows

Select Units: Left-Click

Cancel Selection: Click anywhere


Create units cost blood. You can recover blood when you sacrifice experienced unit. Archer and Mage are long distance unit. The priest can heal your unit and the Knight can boost the damage of yours units. Units gain exp when they kill monsters.

Install instructions

Donwload, Unzip and Enjoy!


TheLastOutpost_Win.zip 148 MB
TheLastOutpost_Source.rar 558 MB


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Great entry! smile You use the theme very clearly. The pace is very slow for the first 5 waves but became better later on. It will be better to use some effects to inform the player about upgraded units. I have to skim through all units to find the one to sacrifice.

Thanks a lot for playing our game. I completely agree with you and if we have more time we wanted to create some particle systems. But we have prefer to debug a bit before release.