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Hello guys! Do you feel nostalgic of the old good time when you had taken care of your best friend: The Tamagotchi! But don’t get me wrong this is not a Tamagotchi-like game. This game is just a bit harder and we put some surprise in it. Will you succeed to find all the possible endings?


Take care of your new best friend. If he got hungry, you only have to push the feed button. This is the same for the other needs.

This is much harder than what you can think 😉

Endings List:

  • Over eating
  • Gremlins
  • Trump
  • Glitch
  • Geek
  • Mad scientist
  • Abandon


For now, we are students. If you want to follow our work and progress check the two links below.

Team Mechanical Beer

This time, the members to participate were: Polifev, Istalri, Binuuz, Nexor

And one of the musics was made by Oli.


Egg Friend (Windows).zip 5 MB

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